Trainees will receive case management services to help them navigate the barriers that typically obstruct the completion of job training. The program will include financial assistance to assist with emergencies like car repairs and other unexpected expenses.


Over 154,000 San Antonio residents filed for unemployment amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Estimates across the country show that up to 25% of the jobs lost are never coming back. We can provide lasting change for tens of thousands of San Antonio families — all without a tax increase.


These are future-proof fields that will provide wages that allow participants peace of mind and personal growth. Tens of thousands of San Antonio families once on the brink will be able to thrive in the city we call home.


This initiative will be funded by an existing 1/8th cent sales tax, which means this program does not require a tax rate increase or a new tax. The current use for this allocation goes toward the Edwards Aquifer Protection Program and the Greenway Trails system, which will expire in mid-2021.