The program will be funded by reallocating an existing 1/8th cent of San Antonio’s sales tax that is currently dedicated to the Edwards Aquifer Protection Program and greenway trails. When the current usage expires in spring of 2021, Proposition B would authorize the use of that funding for four years to get COVID-displaced San Antonio workers back on their feet.

Because it would be utilizing an existing portion of San Antonio’s sales tax, no taxes or fees need to be raised to fully fund this initiative.

Targeted industries include manufacturing, logistics, aerospace, bioscience, healthcare, financial services, technology, cybersecurity, construction, and trades.

Yes. 2-12 week certificate programs that yield forklift certifications or commercial driver’s licenses will be part of this initiative, ensuring that we can fill the thousands of available logistics positions in our region.

The program will focus on individuals who have been displaced as a result of COVID-19 and work to ensure they have a pathway to a stable, future-proof career in San Antonio’s post-pandemic economy.

Criteria will be developed that ensures an equitable selection process for eligible participants.

No, but emergency grants for things like car repairs or unexpected medical expenses will be available on a case-by-case basis to lessen barriers that typically thwart certificate or degree completion.